Top agents are self-motivated, they enjoy solving client challenges and love to procure listings and sell properties. And nearly all agents say they enjoy being independent, making their own schedules and turning their passion for real estate into a revenue stream.

What Baja Real Estate Agents Have In Common

  • “Can do” attitude

  • Enjoy seeing different kinds of real estate

  • Networking skills

  • Continually build and enhance sales skills

What Makes Real Estate In Baja A Good Career?

  • Great income potential with unlimited growth

  • Work on your own schedule

  • Help people find the right homes for them

  • The pride and flexibility of being your own boss

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October 04, 20193 min read

Requirements For Registration

  • Copy of current official identification with photograph and document suitable for accreditation of Mexican nationality or migratory (copy of migratory form FM2)

  • Proof of the address where the business premises are located

  • Copy of the Federal Taxpayers’ Registry Certificate (RFC)

  • To accredit their professional training with proof issued by SEDECO

  • Accept expressly to comply with the mandatory programs of preparation, training, and updating in real estate operations set forth by SEDECO and, if applicable, accredit them for the purposes of the revalidation of the license and registration.

  • Provide the Contract to be used in its marketing and administration systems

  • Not having criminal antecedents due to the commission of intentional crime, mainly related to the real estate activity, with a record issued by the Competent Authority. (Letter of no criminal record).

  • Payment of rights in any of the collection offices of the Government

  • To submit the application form itself.

Instructions To Register


  • FILL OUT THE APPLICATION: It contains the requirements, the general data requested must be filled in and signed in original (All information requested must be completed)

  • MAKE PAYMENT OF RIGHTS FOR EVALUATION OF THE RECORD: It covers the study and feasibility evaluation to obtain the registration as a Professional Real Estate Agent (FORM 1)

  • PRESENT THE FILE AT THE SEDECO OFFICES (DOCUMENTS, APPLICATION, AND PAYMENT OF RIGHTS (FORM 1). Once the application has been completed and payment of rights of format 1 has been made, attach all the documentation requested in the application and the Receipt of the payment of rights (originals and copies)

  • REVISION OF RECORDS BY SEDECO: Once the requirements are met, the Secretaria will contact you and make the payment of fees for inclusion in the register and issuance of evidence (FORMAT)


  • Proof of registration in the state register as a Professional Real Estate Agency in Baja California

  • Integration to the State Register of Real Estate Agents and Agencies in Baja California

  • License as Professional Real Estate Agent in Baja California

Real Estate Law – Overview


As of November 29, 2014, the Law regulating the Activities of Real Estate Agents of the State of Baja California was published in the Official State Newspaper.”

The Secretariat of Economic Development (SEDECO) is in charge of regulating the activities of Real Estate Agents, as well as, creating and establishing the Rules and Principles of the Real Estate Agents State Registry.

Responsibilities Of SEDECO


  • Create the State Registry (REAPI)

  • Enroll agents and agencies in REAPI

  • Grant licenses of Professional Real Estate Agents

  • Conduct Inspection Visits

  • Application of sanctions

  • Verify the obligation to carry out training in real estate matters.

Who Should Register As Professional Real Estate Agents?


  • Real Estate Agents

  • Legal representative of real estate agencies

  • Legal representative of real estate companies



  • Enrollment in the State Register of Real Estate Agents and agencies of the State of B.C.

  • State registration in the Register of leases of the State Secretariat for Public Security of Baja California

  • Knowing the laws and regulations that apply to the Real Estate Activity (mediation, purchase, sale and leasing) whether they are federal, state and municipal.

  • Know the taxes can be levied the  Various real estate transactions whether Federal, State and Municipal.

  • See the diverse bureaucratic excesses in the offices of municipal government, state and federal in its case.

  • Have and collect the information of its customers and to safeguard the information that you obtain from agreement, as stipulated in the laws of matter.

  • Inform the Financial Intelligence Unit of the operations of the vulnerable that is subject.

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