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July 16, 20193 min read

High-quality Photographs Help Attract The Attention Of Buyers So That You Can Get The Property Sold.

PIE = Presentation Is Everything.

Arrive before the appointment and take this time to have everything ready for the photoshoot, turn on lights, open curtains and windows, move objects if necessary. Take care of all the details of the house. Pretend you are about to do a showing.



  1. The Agent Must Be Present At The Photoshoot     

    You should know the most important features about the property and you should instruct the photographer the day of the shooting.

  2. Determine What You’ll Need Prior To The Photoshoot

Prior to making an appointment, you should know the type of media (photos, drone video, video clips), quantity, and extras you will need so the photographer can prepare properly. We recommend analyzing the type of property to determine if it’s convenient to take photographs in broad daylight or blue hour. (You can approach us and talk about the subject or require some advice).

  1. Weather

Make sure to check the weather before you schedule the photoshoot. Preferably hold the session on a sunny day, there is nothing sadder than seeing a house with cloudy skies. We know that the weather changes constantly and we have to be prepared for the best days.

  1. Cleaning

Pay close attention to this point and be very demanding in the cleanup. Remember that you are going to show your property to the world and you only have one chance to make a good impression. 

  1. Order

Close all cabinets, drawers and furniture doors. Although you want to show the tableware, the interior of the furniture is not aesthetic at all, and there are other sections that showcase the best features of the property being advertised.

  • Non-decorative objects are distracting and do not favor the property when we try to showcase a clean and ordered area.

  • Do not leave unnecessary things at a glance (items or clothing on the floor, bicycles or surfboards, etc.).

  1. Lights

Make sure the property has working lights and that they are in good condition, preferably a single type of light (if the house has warm lights, it’s better if everything is uniform).

  1. Turn off the screens

Televisions or any type of screen must be turned off, in this way they integrate better in the decoration and they do not distract.

  1. Pets

Remove the food containers and toys your pets may have.

  1. Bathrooms

Lower the lid of the toilets, take out the trash. Remove personal hygiene items such as toothbrushes, razors or hairbrushes.

  1. Bedding

Take care that the bedding looks clean and wrinkle-free so that they present a more elegant appearance.

  1. Kitchen

In the kitchen should be all the dishes stored, the sink cleared and showing only the most required appliances, such as coffee makers, toaster, etc.

  1. Add Elements That Enhance And Give Life

The best decorations of the property are flowers, a natural plant, or some fruit in the kitchen, bring color and freshness to the rooms.

  1. Less Is More

In decoration there is nothing set in stone, staging the property is important, and over decorating the property can make it look cluttered. 

  1. Exterior

If the house has outdoor areas, ocean view or oceanfront view, it is advisable to make an effort in this area and prepare it with special attention. If you have an outdoor table, you can set up a service of dishes, glasses, and cutlery, even a bottle of wine, that invites you to stay in the house. And, if you are going to showcase any balconies or shots of the horizon through the windows, make sure they are clean.

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